Questions & answers is a new international exclusive properties advertising marketing platform to connect luxury home buyers and luxury home sellers worldwide aim is to attract the most exclusive international properties offers in different property categories. We can help you buy your exclusive dream house dream home property from established international and local real estate agents, new construction developers and other private promoters.

International real estate agents, brokers, real estate promoters, new construction developers, affiliate on-line promoters can easily sign up and advertise to exclusive house hounting international buyers that search for dream properties in their own langagues.

Our detailed search property system also have global/local maps with properties advertised locally in countries with colour markers for differrent object types.

Properties will automatically create a new country/location when there is a new property advertised on that location in the sytem and Google SEO optimize that property with all property data and the location.

Target to + 115 real estate markets for properties & local seller agents/promoters connect exclusive dream home property buyers and exclusive property agent sellers for these markets. It´s an automatic system that enable markets when a property is listed there with powerful detailed location based search.

Find dream homes in 5 user languages, 52 Google translated languges with 11 different currencies recalculations

Property buyers and sellers can use five local languages like English, Spanish, Italian, French and Swedish and have 11 different currency automatic recalculations when you search for a dream house in your own currency.What that mean is the your properties can be saved/copied and SEO advertised to customers for 5 different languages! and your property can be set to +115 different property markets.

** This is all is important for Search Engine Optimisation so search engines can put your property on top of that specific languages and markets with your own specific key words, markets and languages of your dream home property.

Extend your property business reach for more people and their langauge searches!

So that mean you can work with different other local real estate agents in your country or also for other countries where you can promote their properties in database! Give your more business and more commission to earn from this referal system.

Features & tools to find your luxury dream home and dream house

Luxury property buyers have powerful deep search tools for location and luxury property types, global/local property maps with photos, bird views of dream home, compare dream houses features, save- and bookmark different dream house properties are some of many powerful tools for buyers´ fine tuning their search of the right property match. The more luxury properties that will be listed in the more accurate the refined deep searches can become to fit everyone´s needs of finding the exact dream home worldwide.

How to start up...

By these simple steps can you as an real estate agent/private seller/broker/renter start using for your specific luxury property management advertising. You can start by just advertise your first 3 luxury properties if you like, sign a promotor agent agreement where we take care of everything or propose us an xml type of integration if you have a lot of your own properties. There is a property duplicate copy function and insert text description templates that make things going easy to fill in the required property data.

So you can list your property type for what you need with regards to time period and number of properties that fit with your advertising strategy or ask us to make a xml automated insert agreement. Please contact us if you need any help with setting up your property with data and pictures. We can arrange that too.

  1. Subscribe period(s), company and seller data DreamHouses

    Start to register and you get a basic 14 days account that will be upgraded accordingly. Fill in your company and seller agent data and confirm your profile by the email sent to you. Obs! Check your spam box for the confirmation email!

  2. Configure your property data in DreamHouses

    Fill in your property data (you have to be logged in) where the column to the left guide you. OBS! Don’t forget to Finalize or discard objects when you are doing your properties. Support is always there with tutorials (you have to be logged in) or if you have any questions please contact us. Read some blog posts and tutorials at the site and check the pdf documents with instructions.

  3. Start using DreamHouses

    You can start using as an agent/broker/promoter/property marketing sales person and start benefiting right away from it after registration. You will have automated access to our notifications system and also got leads from all contact forms for each property that belongs to you. You can also login to edit/update all your listings as you wish and add/remove data about each property accordingly.


DreamHouses is a UK/Thai/Swedish project start up with international partners/developers and is a independent not affiliated with any estate agents, property developer or any other type of promoter. We will help and promote all our partners in an objective way to their privacy. Our long experience comes from global online marketing, web development, project management and business development. Please contact us if you would like to set up a similar integrated real estate system, web publishing plattform, search engine optimization (SEO) or social media integration with marketing automation for better success precision marketing for a better success

Our vision

Our vision is to be the no 1 niched web site for luxury dream homes and dream house properties in the world. We are working seriously with approved real estate agents, brokers, developers, promotors, owners and seller affiliates worldwide to make our customers happy to take the right decision from whom to buy.  Please contact us if you also want us to find you the right international home in certain areas in the world with your specific conditions!

Other advantages to find your luxury dream home and dream house

  • Quick response time to adaptation to the end users need and clients requests of advertising functions

  • Reach more international a n d local market dream home property buyers that are searching for the most luxury dream house properties
  • Different notifications to sellers of luxury properties about new property buyer prospects with leads quick and easy

  • Flexible with no franchising costs or set up obligations to

  • Tablet and mobile friendly usage with responsive design to find dream homes

  • No needed of any installation no downtime with cloud system. requires browser and internet connection that´s all.

Please contact us directly if you need help.

For apply for a free Dream houses agent seller membership without any obligations click here.


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